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  1. Allegations are Investigated and Referred for Criminal Investigations if Needed, 115.22
    1. Administrative or criminal investigations shall be completed for all allegations of threatened or actual sexual abuse/harassment. 115.22(a)
    2. Allegations of sexual abuse/harassment shall be referred for investigation to an agency with legal authority to conduct criminal investigations, unless allegation does not involve potential criminal behavior. 115.22(b)
    3. DCDC shall document all such referrals. 115.22(b)
    4. When investigations are conducted by an outside agency, the responsibilities of both agencies are listed below. 115.22(c)
      1. DCDC agrees to:
        1. Conduct preliminary investigations into all allegations of sexual abuse/harassment. 115.71(a)
        2. Conduct such investigations promptly, thoroughly and objectively for all allegations, including third-party and anonymous reports. 115.71(a)
        3. Use investigators with special training to gather and preserve direct and circumstantial evidence, including any available physical and DNA evidence and any available electronic monitoring data; shall interview alleged victims, suspected perpetrators and witnesses; and shall review prior complaints and reports of sexual abuse involving the suspected perpetrators. 115.71(c)
        4. Conduct compelled interviews when the quality of evidence appears to support criminal prosecution, only after consulting with prosecutors as to whether compelled interviews may be an obstacle for subsequent criminal prosecution. 115.71(d)
        5. Assess credibility of an alleged victim, suspect or witness on an individual basis and shall not determine credibility by the person’s status as inmate or staff. 115.71(e)
        6. Not require an inmate who alleges sexual abuse to submit to a polygraph examination or other truth-telling devices as a condition for proceeding with investigation of such an allegation. 115.71(e)
        7. Make an effort to determine whether staff actions or failures to act contributed to the abuse.  115.71(f)(1)
        8. Include in written reports a description of physical and testimonial evidence, the reasoning behind credibility assessments and investigative facts and findings. 115.71(f)(2)
        9. Communicate with Daviess County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) or Kentucky State Police (KSP) investigators and endeavor to remain informed about the progress of the investigations. 115.71(l)
        10. Request relevant information from DCSO/KSP in order to inform the inmates whether the allegations have been determined to be substantiated, unsubstantiated or unfounded. 115.73(b)
        11. Communicate any questions or concerns about this MOU to DCSO.
      2. DCSO agrees to:
        1. Respond to requests from DCDC to conduct investigations for possible criminal charges of sexual abuse.
        2. Follow a uniform evidence protocol that maximizes the potential for obtaining usable physical evidence for administrative proceedings and criminal prosecutions.  115.21(a)
        3. Follow the requirements of the evidence protocol and forensic medical examinations listed in PREA Standard 115.21(a-e).  115.21(f)
        4. Assess credibility of an alleged victim, suspect or witness on an individual basis and shall not determine credibility by the person’s status as inmate or staff.  115.71(e)
        5. Not require an inmate who alleges sexual abuse to submit to a polygraph examination or other truth-telling devices as a condition for proceeding with investigation of such an allegation.  115.71(e)
        6. Document in written report a thorough description of physical, testimonial and documentary evidence and attach copies of all documentary evidence where feasible.  115.71(g)
        7. Refer all substantiated allegations of conduct that appears to be criminal for prosecution.  115.71(h)
        8. Communicate with DCDC investigators so they remain informed about the progress of the investigation.  115.71(l)
        9. Provide relevant information to DCDC investigators so they may inform the inmate whether the allegation has been determined to be substantiated, unsubstantiated or unfounded.  115.73(b)
        10. Communicate any questions or concerns about this MOU to DCDC.
  2. Auditor’s Final Report, 115.403
    1. DCDC shall post the Auditor’s Final Report on its website. 115.403(f)
  3. Data Review for Corrective Action, 115.88
    1. DCDC shall review data collected in order to assess and improve the effectiveness of its sexual abuse prevention, detection and response policies, practices and training. 115.88(a)
    2. Such report shall include a comparison of the current year’s data and corrective actions with those from prior years and shall provide an assessment of the agency’s progress in addressing sexual abuse. 115.88(b)
    3. The report shall be approved by the jailer and made available through the website. 115.88(c)
    4. Specific material may be redacted from reports when publication would present a clear and specific threat to safety and security of facility, but DCDC must indicate the nature of material redacted. 115.88(d)
  4. Third-Party Reporting, 115.54
    1. Friends and family may report privately or anonymously any sexual abuse or harassment on behalf of an inmate by:
      1. Calling DCDC at 270-685-8466 and ask for a supervisor
      2. Writing to PREA Coordinator, Daviess County Detention Center, 3337 Hwy 144, Owensboro, KY 42303
      3. Emailing PREA Coordinator at majorjoniclark@gmail.com
  5. Zero-Tolerance Policy, 115.11
    1. Daviess County Detention Center (DCDC) has a zero-tolerance policy regarding all forms of sexual abuse/harassment. 115.11(a)
  6. 2015 PREA Annual Report (PDF)
    2016 PREA Audit Report (PDF)
    2016 PREA Annual Report (PDF)
    2017 PREA Annual Report - Amended (PDF)
    2018 PREA Annual Report (PDF)

Entrenamiento interno

  1. La prevencion de abuso sexual/acoso
    1. No acepten regalos o favores
      1. Los regalos pueden conducir a favores sexuales
    2. A pie y soporte con confianza
      1. No camine con la cabeza y los ojos bajaron abajo
    3. Ser conscientes de lenguaje corporal
    4. Evitar conversaciones que implican temas sexuales, relaciones familiars, experiencias, situacion financier.
    5. No entrar en deuda
  2. Informes de incidentes, 115.33(a)
    1. Limite de tiempo
      1. No hay plazo para denunciar presunto abuso sexual/acoso
    2. Informes internos
      1. Informes verbales
        1. Dile a personal, contratista, voluntaries, medicos, personal de salud mental o clero
      2. El informe escrito
        1. Escribir, carta,uso del Sistema quiosco o nota de quejas del sistema
      3. La linea interna
        1. Dial 11*19 para hablar con operador
        2. Nohay ningun cargo para esta llamada y puede ser anonimo
    3. Informes externos
      1. La linea externa
        1. Dial 11*75 Para hablar con un Nuevo representante del centro de la crisis de principios de la violacion
        2. Dial 11*74 Para la inmigracion
        3. Dial 11*73 Para el Crimen Stoppers
        4. Nohay ningun cargo para esta llamada y puede ser anonimo
      2. Informe verbal
        1. Centro de crisis de violacion nuevos principios, 270-926-7273
        2. DCDC, 270-685-8466, Oprima cero para operario
        3. Sheriff del condado de daviess, 270-685-8444
        4. La policia Owensboro, 270-687-8888
        5. La policia del estado de Kentucky, 270-826-3312
      3. El informe escrito
        1. Cooordinador de la PREA, DCDC, 3337 Hwy 144, Owensboro KY 42303
        2. Sheriff del conado de daviess, 212 St. Ann, Owensboro KY 42301
        3. La policia Owensboro, 222 E. 9th St., Owensboro KY 42303
        4. Centro de crisis de violacion nuevos principios, 1716 Scherm Rd, Owensboro KY 42301
    4. Reporte anonimo
      1. Escribir una carta o nota sin dar nombre
      2. Coloque una llamada Telefonica sin dar nombre
    5. Tercero reporting
      1. En contacto con un miembro de la familia, amigo, companero preso, abogado u otro representante de la corte
      2. Todos los informes de terceros seran investigados el mismo que los informes de los reclusos directamente
  3. Respondiendo a presuntos incidentes, 115.21, 115.64, 115.65
    1. Primer miembro del personal de seguridad para responder a un presunto incidente de abuso sexual o acoso se:  115.64(a)
      1. Separado alegada victim/abusador  115.64(a)(1)
      2. Preservar y proteger la escena del crimen hasta que se pueden tomar medidas apropiadas para recolectar pruebas  115.64(a)(2)
      3. Informar inmedialamente a un supervisor, en persona y en area confidencial.
      4. La peticion alegada para tomar cualquier accion que podria destruir la victim a no evidencia, incluyendo lavado, cepillado los dientes, cambiando panos, orinando, defecar, fumar, beber o comer.  115.64(a)(3)
      5. La peticion alegada abusador no tomar las acciones que podrian destruir fisicas, incluyendo lavado, cepillado los dientes, cambiando panos, orinando, defecar, fumar, beber o comer  115.64(a)(4)
    2. El tratamiento medico sera dado de ser necesario, sin costo a la victima.  115.65
    3. Supeustas victimas de abuso sexual sera ofrecido el acceso a examines medicos forenses si procede, sin costo.  115.21(c)
    4. Lo solicitado por la presunta victim, a un abogado de la victim a o el personal comunitario calificado se acompanan y apoyo a traves de examen medico forense y victim a de entrevistas y debera proporcionar apoyo emocional proceso de investigacion, la intervencion de la crisis, la informacion y referencias.  115.21(e)
  4. Derecho a ser libre de abuso sexual y acoso sexual, 115.33(b)
    1. Usted tiene el derecho bajo PREA a ser libre de abuso sexual y acoso sexual.
  5. Derecho a ser libre de represalias para reporter a incidentes, 115.33(b)
    1. Unted tiene el derecho bajo la PREA de estar libres de venganza por informar tales incidentes.
  6. El abuso sexual
    1. Incluye, pero no se limita a sujetar a cualquier acto sexual, otra persona o el contacto entre personal, contratista o voluntario y preso por la fuerza persuasion, induccion o engano, cualquier acto sexual o contacto personal, contratista o voluntariado en el que participa fuerzas de cualquier recluso para enganchar; sujetar otra persona que es incapaz de dar el consentimiento a causa de de su, estado fisico o mental; o violacion, abuso sexual, prostitucion o otra de explotacion sexual..
  7. Los actos sexuales de preso preso en
    1. Todos los presos en actos sexuales internos estan prohibidas.
    2. Todos estos actos seran investigados para asegurarse de que no se coaccionado.
    3. Si consensual, las partes involucradas se enfrentaran cargos administrativos por violaciones de la regla.
    4. Si coaccionado, incidents se sometera para la investigacion penal.
  8.  Los actos sexuales de personal preso en
    1. Cualquier acto sexual o el contacto entre personal, contratista o voluntario y preso esta prohibido e ilegales, incluso si el recluso da consentimientos.
    2. Los reclusos no pueden da consentimiento legalmente a los actos sexuales con los que estan en el poder.
    3. Todos estos actos seran referidos para las investigaciones criminales.
  9. El acoso sexual
    1. Repite y favores sexuales o anticipos sexuales indeseados, pide comentarios verbales, gestos o acciones de un despectivo o la naturaleza sexual ofensiva.  115.6
    2. Repitio comentarios verbales o gestos de naturaleza sexual a un preso por el personal, contratista o voluntario, incluyendo referencias denigrante al genero, sugerente o despectivo comentatios sobre cuerpo o ropa sexual o lengua o gestos obsceno.  115.6
  10. El abandon presonal, 115.51(a)
    1. Usted puede informar de negligencia personal que puede haber contribuido a tales incidents utilizando los metodos discutidos en esta formacion reporting.
  11. La politica cero tolorence, 115.11, 115.33(a)
    1. El centro de detencion del condado de daviess tiene una politica de tolerancia cero con respecto a todas las formas de abuso sexual/acoso.

The PREA Standards were adopted and implemented by the Daviess County Detention Center in August 2013.  This project was supported by Grant No. 2010-RP-BX-K001 and awarded by Bureau of Justice Assistance.  Bureau of Justice Assistance is a component of the Office of Justice Programs.  Points of view or opinions in this document are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the United States Department of Justice.

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