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  1. Commissary may be ordered on kiosk under Order Commissary tab.
    1. Orders must be placed by midnight on Sundays and Wednesdays.
    2. Orders cannot be cancelled or changed once they are placed.
    3. There is a maximum purchase amount of $150 per inmate per commissary day due to limited storage space in cells.
    4. Orders will be delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays, or once weekly if holiday falls on a weekday.
    5. If commissary only offered once a week, maximum purchase amount is $300.
    6. If item ordered is out of stock, a credit will be posted to inmate’s account.
  2. Commissary hot cart items may be ordered on commissary slips that are delivered and picked up on Mondays.
  3. Commissary cold cart items may be ordered on commissary slips that are delivered and picked up on Wednesdays.
  4. Care packs may be ordered online at https://www.kellwellcommissary.com/gift-packages.
    1. To place money on an inmate account visit jailfunds.com or call 1-855-836-3364
    2. Care packs will be delivered using same schedule for other commissary orders
  5. Inmate commissary balances are available on kiosk under Order Commissary tab, then View Balance and History tab.
  6. All non-food items have 6% tax included.
  7. On delivery days, inmates who placed orders need to:
    1. Line up when commissary staff arrive
    2. Present wristband upon request to ensure product is delivered to right person
    3. Receive order
    4. Inspect order for accuracy with commissary staff
    5. Report issues before leaving commissary staff’s presence
  8. If issues are reported, commissary staff will:
    1. Verify if errors occurred
    2. Make necessary corrections to inmate’s account on next business day
  9. If no issues are reported and inmate leaves presence of commissary staff, order will be considered correct and accepted as is.
  10. If inmate is not present during delivery, commissary will be held and delivered at end of day or next business day.
  11. If inmate is released before delivery, a credit will be posted to inmate’s account the next business day.
  12. Inmates in isolation for rule infraction shall not be eligible to order or receive commissary except for hygiene, mail and medical supplies.
  13. Inmates with medical conditions, such as diabetes, may be restricted from receiving items that conflict with their medical diets.
  14. Commissary that does not fit properly in cell area may be deemed excessive and may need to be discarded upon notification.
  15. Commissary cannot be returned or exchanged and all sales are final.
  16. DCDC and commissary company are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged commissary items after they are delivered to inmates.
  17. Commissary is a privilege which may be restricted, except for hygiene, mail and medical supplies.


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