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  1. The Public May Report for Inmates
    1. The public may privately or anonymously report any sexual abuse or harassment on behalf of an inmate by: 115.54
      1. Calling Daviess County Detention Center (DCDC) at 270-685-8466 and ask for a supervisor.
      2. Writing to Daviess County Detention Center, Attention Supervisor, 3337 Hwy 144, Owensboro, KY 42303
      3. Emailing major at jjones@daviesscojail.org
  2. Criminal Investigations
    1. All sexual abuse/harassment allegations are referred for investigation to an agency with legal authority to conduct criminal investigations, unless allegation does not appear to be criminal. 115.22(b)
    2. DCDC will document all such referrals. 115.22(b)
    3. DCDC Investigator Responsibilities: 115.22(c)
      1. Conduct a preliminary investigation 115.71(a)
      2. Conduct such investigation promptly, thoroughly and objectively for all allegations, including third-party and anonymous reports. 115.71(a)
      3. Use investigators with special training to gather and preserve direct and circumstantial evidence, including any available physical and DNA evidence and any available electronic monitoring data, review prior complaints and reports of sexual abuse involving the suspect. 115.71(b)(c)
      4. Assess credibility of alleged victim, suspect or witness on an individual basis and not determine credibility by person’s status as inmate or staff. 115.71(e)
      5. Make an effort to determine whether staff actions or failures to act contributed to abuse. 115.71(f)(1)
      6. Include in written report description of physical and testimonial evidence, reasoning behind credibility assessments and investigative facts and findings. 115.71(f)(2)
      7. Communicate with outside investigators to remain informed about investigation progress. 115.71(l)
      8. Request relevant information from outside investigators in order to inform victim whether allegation has been determined to be substantiated, unsubstantiated or unfounded. 115.73(a)(b)
    4. Outside Investigator Responsibilities: 115.22(c)
      1. Follow a uniform evidence protocol that maximizes the potential for obtaining useable physical evidence for criminal prosecutions. 115.21(a)
      2. Follow requirements of the evidence protocol and forensic medical examinations listed in PREA Standard 115.21(a-e). 115.21(f)
      3. Assess credibility of alleged victim, suspect or witness on an individual basis and not determine credibility by person's status as inmate or staff. 115.71(e)
      4. Not require victim to submit to a polygraph examination or other truth-telling devices as condition for proceeding with investigation. 115.71(e)
      5. Include in written report a thorough description of physical, testimonial and documentary evidence and attach copies of all documentary evidence where feasible. 115.71(g)
      6. Substantiated allegations of conduct that appear to be criminal will be referred for prosecution. 115.71(h)
      7. Communicate with DCDC investigators to keep them informed about investigation progress. 115.71(l)
      8. Provide relevant information to DCDC investigators so they may inform victim whether allegation has been determined to be substantiated, unsubstantiated or unfounded. 115.73(b)
  3. PREA Annual Reports
    1. 2015 PREA Annual Report (PDF)
    2. 2016 PREA Annual Report (PDF)
    3. 2017 PREA Annual Report - Amended (PDF)
    4. 2018 PREA Annual Report (PDF)
    5. 2019 PREA Annual Report (PDF)
  4. PREA Audit Reports
    1. 2016 PREA Audit Report (PDF)
    2. 2019 PREA Audit Report (PDF)


The PREA Standards were adopted and implemented by the Daviess County Detention Center in August 2013.  This project was supported by Grant No. 2010-RP-BX-K001 and awarded by Bureau of Justice Assistance.  Bureau of Justice Assistance is a component of the Office of Justice Programs.  Points of view or opinions in this document are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the United States Department of Justice.

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