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Visitor Handbook


  1. Facility Information
  2. Approved Items
  3. Arrival at Facility
  4. Confidential Information
  5. Contact Information
  6. Contact with Inmates
  7. Contraband Definitions
  8. Contract Visitors
  9. Cross-Gender Visits
  10. Denied Entrance
  11. Dress Code
  12. Driver's License
  13. Escorts on Secure Side
  14. Family of Inmates
  15. Head Counts
  16. Intercom Use
  17. Keys
  18. Leaving Facility
  19. Lockdowns
  20. Manipulation by Inmates
  21. Meals
  22. Parking
  23. Pens
  24. Program Visitors
  25. Prohibited Items
  26. Report Suspicious Activity / Comments
  27. Requests from Inmates
  28. Screening Process
  29. Search at Any Time
  30. Treatment of Inmates
  31. Vehicles
  32. Visitor Badge
  33. Visitor Log

Policies and procedures listed in this handbook are subject to change without notice. Persons not on Daviess County Detention Center (DCDC) payroll are referred to as "visitors", to include clergy, contractors, volunteers and others. Contractors include commissary, food service and medical/mental health staff.

Sections marked with (*) do not apply to contract visitors.




  1. Facility Information
    1. There are 4 buildings on the complex.
    2. One building is a training center.
    3. The other 3 buildings hold about 700 inmates a day and about 90 staff for a total of about 800 people.
    4. DCDC is like a little city, considering that Whitesville has a population of about 550.
    5. "Safety and security" are the primary responsibilities in corrections.
    6. "Care, custody and control" are some critical secondary responsibilities.
    7. Being "fair, firm and consistent" are some of the best ways to manage inmate behavior.
    8. Our mission statement is to ensure the safety of the community, by keeping offenders in custody, with the goal of returning better citizens to society.
    9. Visitors play an important role in helping DCDC achieve its mission.
  2. Approved Items
    1. Approved items allowed on secure side for visits:
      1. Bible for teaching
      2. Bible workbooks
      3. Communion
      4. Guitars
      5. Keyboards
    2. All items must pass inspection for each visit.
    3. Any other items to be brought in during a visit must be pre-authorized by jailer/designee.
  3. Arrival at Facility
    1. Lock personal items in vehicle
    2. Keep driver's license on person
    3. Sign Visitor Log
    4. Leave vehicle keys with staff
    5. Be screened by staff
    6. Receive Visitor Tag
    7. When leave, turn in tag, receive keys and sign out on log
  4. Confidential Information
    1. Visitors shall not discuss any confidential jail information with any other persons.
  5. Contact Information
    1. Visitors need to keep contact information current.
    2. Submit all changes to:
      1. Deputy Joni Barnett
        Security Clearance Coordinator
        270-685-8466, Ext. 256
  6. Contact with Inmates
    1. Visitors should not hug any inmate.
    2. Visitors should limit any physical contact with inmates, to include handshakes and pats on the back.
    3. Many inmates have been sexually abused in the past and may be hypersensitive about physical contact.
    4. Physical contact may trigger their PTSD.
    5. These policies are also in place to help reduce false allegations and help prevent building personal relationships with inmates.
  7. Contraband Definitions
    1. Promoting contraband in the first degree is a Class D felony. KRS 520.050
    2. This includes knowingly introducing dangerous contraband into a detention center, like firearms, knives, drugs, lighters, etc.
    3. Promoting contraband in the second degree is a Class A misdemeanor. KRS 520.060
    4. This includes knowingly introducing contraband into a detention center to include pictures, candy, gum, pens, pencils, tobacco, etc.
  8. Contract Visitors
    1. Contract visitors:
      1. Must wear Department ID while on complex
      2. Must sign in / out on Visitor’s Log
      3. Must have Driver’s License available
      4. Must be screened when enter B1 secure side
  9. Cross-Gender Visits
    1. Cross-gender visits are not allowed unless pre-approved by jailer/designee..
  10. Denied Entrance
    1. Visitors who appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be denied entrance to the secure side.
  11. Dress Code
    1. If dress is deemed inappropriate by a supervisor, visitor may be asked to leave and wear more appropriate clothing upon return.
  12. Driver’s License *
    1. Visitors need to keep their driver’s license on them at all times while on the complex.
  13. Escorts on Secure Side
    1. Visitors shall be escorted by deputy to / from assigned visiting areas.
    2. Visitor need to remain with inmate(s) until deputy arrives to escort visitor out of the secure side, except for emergencies.
  14. Family of Inmates
    1. Visitors who have an immediate family member in jail, needs to disclose that information to a supervisor, before having contact with that inmate.
    2. Family ties may tempt some people to bend the rules, which may affect the safety and security of the facility.
  15. Head Counts
    1. Facility shall be on partial lockdown during head counts each day.
    2. No visitors are allowed on the secure side during these times.
      1. 7a-8a
      2. 3p-4p
      3. 11p-12a
  16. Intercom Use
    1. Visitor needs to press and release intercom button.
    2. Do not need to press button again after operator answers but just give visitor’s name, reason for visit and location.
      1. For example: “This is John Doe, starting AA class in the large classroom”
    3. Use intercom when visit ends and to call for assistance if needed.
  17. Keys *
    1. Visitors need to leave their vehicle keys with jail staff to be returned before leaving.
  18. Leaving Facility
    1. Return all issued items
    2. Receive vehicle keys
    3. Log out on Visitor’s Log
  19. Lockdowns
    1. Follow staff directions when a lockdown is called.
    2. Visitors may be asked to remain in place until an “all clear” is given.
    3. Visitors may be asked to present driver’s license during emergencies.
  20. Manipulation by Inmates
    1. Inmates are constantly observing staff and visitors, looking for human weaknesses.
    2. Some reasons why inmates do what they do:
      1. Play “con” games
      2. Entertainment
      3. Push buttons
      4. Get their “wants”
      5. Be treated different from others, stand out from the other 700 inmates
      6. Criminal activity
      7. Escape
  21. Meals
    1. Expect delays when request to visit inmates during meals times.
      1. 05:00-07:00a
      2. 11:00-01:00p
      3. 04:00-06:00p
  22. Parking
    1. Visitors may use riverside parking lot of Building 1 or anywhere that is not marked for jail staff parking.
  23. Pens
    1. Flex pens are available upon request.
  24. Program Visitors
    1. Cancel a Program
      1. Visitors should give as much notice as possible when need to cancel a scheduled program.
      2. Please call 270-685-8466 and ask to speak to a supervisor.
    2. Arrival Time
      1. Visitor should arrive about 10 minutes before the program is set to start.
    3. Attendance Roster
      1. Visitor needs to sign Attendance Roster for each program session.
    4. Closets Available - Storage
      1. A closet for program supplies is available.
      2. A closet key is available upon request.
      3. All closets shall remain locked at all times when not in use.
    5. Guest Speakers
      1. Guest speakers shall be pre-approved by jailer.
      2. These speakers shall be constantly supervised by a certified visitor or staff.
    6. Leave a Program - Inmates
      1. Inmates who need to leave a program to return to cell will not be allowed to return to program that day.
  25. Prohibited Items
    1. Cell phones, except for contract supervisors
    2. Drinks
    3. Food
    4. Any other items
  26. Report Suspicious Activity / Comments
    1. Report Information
      1. Visitors need to report to supervisor any suspicious activity or comments they heard, observed or was reported to them.
      2. Report anything unusual to supervisor so it can be assessed for safety and security reasons.
    2. See Something Say Something
      1. Third party or bystander reporting are helpful ways to help maintain safety and security for all.
      2. Even if information seems unimportant, combined with other reports, it may help lead to preventing or addressing a critical problem.
    3. Suicide
      1. Report all signs or information about suicide to supervisor as soon as possible.
      2. Some examples include if an inmate says keywords like:
        1. Suicide
        2. Kill myself
        3. Harm myself
        4. No hope
      3. Telephone triage company is available 24 ours a day to assess inmates who may need closer monitoring.
    4. Withholding Information
      1. Visitors shall not withhold information which may threaten the safety and security for all.
      2. This includes if an inmate reveals some information and requests the visitor not to tell anyone.
  27. Requests from Inmates
    1. Favors
      1. No favors shall be given to any inmate.
    2. Items to/from Inmates
      1. Do not give or receive any items to or from an inmate, except for notes.
      2. Notes may be received by visitors, but must be given to supervisor for assessment.
      3. Do not pass any items from one inmate to another inmate.
    3. Mailing Items for Inmates
      1. Do not place any items in outgoing mail for an inmate.
      2. Advise inmate to use regular system for mail and all other needs.
    4. Messages
      1. Do not pass any messages from one inmate to another inmate.
    5. These are examples of ways inmates may try to circumvent the system.
    6. Remind inmates that a floor deputy will help them or they can refer to the Inmate Handbook for information.
    7. We provide inmates with all their “needs.”
    8. They try to get their “wants” from visitors.
    9. Don’t take the bait.
    10. Don’t become a target.
    11. One favor may easily lead to another favor.
    12. Then an inmate has “information” on a visitor.
    13. Information is a commodity that inmates may use as power to manipulate visitors.
  28. Screening Process *
    1. Visitors will be asked to empty all pockets before being screened with a handheld metal detector.
    2. Any unapproved items will need to be secured in a locked vehicle.
    3. Visitor may return to the lobby to resume the screening process.
  29. Search at Any Time
    1. Visitors are subject to search of their person or property at any time while on the complex.
  30. Treatment of Inmates
    1. Statt/visitors shall treat all inmates in a fair and impartial manner.
    2. Staff/visitors shall not:
      1. Discriminate against inmates based on race, religion, creed, gender, national origin or other individual characteristics
      2. Intentionally demean or humiliate inmates
      3. Use abusive, indecent or profane language in the presence of inmates
  31. Vehicles
    1. Visitors need to leave all items in their vehicles, except driver’s license, vehicle keys and approved items for visits. *
    2. Vehicles need to be locked at all times while on the complex while not in use.
  32. Visitor Badge *
    1. Visitors will be issued a visitor badge to be worn at all times while on the secure side..
    2. Badges indicate that visitors have been screened and registered.
  33. Vistor's Log
    1. Visitors need to complete the Visitor Log each time they enter and leave facility.
    2. This log will be a great tool to use during emergencies to clear the buildings as soon as possible.

    Contact Information for Agency / Staff

    Daviess County Detention Center
    3337 Hwy 144
    Owensboro, KY 42303
    Phone: 270-685-8466
    Fax: 270-685-8449

    Jailer Art Maglinger
    270-685-8466, Ext. 205

    Major Jack Jones
    270-685-8466, Ext. 244

    On-Duty Supervisor
    270-685-8466, press (0) for operator, ask for supervisor

    Chaplain Emil Herzog
    270-685-8466, Ext. 236

    Deputy Lacy Denson
    Program Coordinator
    270-685-8466, Ext. 207

    Deputy Joni Barnett
    Security Clearance Coordinator
    270-685-8466, Ext. 256




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