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Public Information

  1. Public Information
    1. General Public
      1. Public information on currently housed inmates is available at daviesscojail.org.
      2. This information includes:
        1. Age
        2. Arrest date
        3. Bond information
        4. Charges
        5. Name
      3. Information that may NOT be released to public:
        1. Addresses
        2. Appointments
        3. Booking information for past incarceratio
        4. Cell locations
        5. Court dates
        6. Date of birth
        7. Hospital admissions
        8. Release dates
        9. SAP participation
        10. Social security number - SSN
        11. Transports outside facility
    2. Government Agencies
      1. Law enforcement agencies have restricted remote access to facility’s information system.
      2. Other government agencies may be provided appropriate information that is pertinent to their specific functions.
    3. News Media
      1. With inmate’s written consent on form authorizing release of information, news media will be allowed to interview an inmate, except if safety and security of facility may be affected.
      2. Official statements to news media relating to DCDC administrative policies shall be made by jailer/designee.
      3. Media interviews may be allowed for a reasonable time Mon-Fri, 8a-4p, with pre-approval of jailer/designee.


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