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Daviess County Patch

  1. Video visits are available online at JailFunds.com, 16 hours after an inmate is booked into facility.
  2. Visits are available 24 hours a day, except during head counts.
  3. Head count times are about 7a-8a, 3p-4p and 11p-12a.
  4. Visits require an appointment that may be made by the inmate or visitor.
  5. Inmate and visitor will receive a notification/reminder of the scheduled visit.
  6. Inmates may cancel a visit up to two minutes before the visit.
  7. One free 15-minute visit is allowed per inmate per week.
  8. Four additional paid visits are allowed per inmate per week.
  9. Paid visits cost $5.70 for a 15-minute block of time.
  10. Minutes not used during a visit will expire after each visit.
  11. Public defenders and private attorneys may register for confidential visits online at JailFunds.com.
  12. Upon verification and approval by DCDC, registered PD and attorney visits will not be monitored or recorded.
  13. During a scheduled visit time, the kiosk will only operate for the inmate named in the visit.
  14. Inmates may report visit issues on kiosks under "Video Visitation" tab.
  15. Visitors may report visit issues online at JailFunds.com.
  16. All parties shall keep their faces toward the camera at all times or the screen will go dark.
  17. No sexual acts are permitted by any viewed party.
  18. All viewed parties shall follow the dress code, to include, no nudity, no clothing deemed inappropriate, no exposed undergarments, no gang attire, nothing covering the head, etc.
  19. Visits may be terminated for a rule violation, by any party, or for safety and security reasons.
  20. Future visits may be restricted, if appropriate.
  21. All visits are monitored and recorded.

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