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Inmate Programs

Class D Inmate Work Program - Allows classified, minimum security inmates to perform work inside the jail and community service for non-profit organizations.

Substance Abuse Program (SAP) - Allows inmates with a common goal, permanent sobriety, to live together and be isolated from negative influences while learning how to deal with their substance abuse issues and how to reintegrate into society.

General Education Development (GED) - Study classes in preparation of the GED exam. Successful students receive a GED diploma, which is an alternative to a high school diploma.

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) - (https://www.moral-reconation-therapy.com/) A cognitive program designed to alter how offenders think and how to make decisions about right and wrong.

MRT Mentor - The mentoring program strives to ensure a higher success rate for those who have previously completed MRT. A mentor within the program will be held to a higher behavioral expectation than those participating in the MRT group. Mentorship is beneficial for both the offender serving as the mentor, as well as for the offenders participating in the program. As a mentor, the offender is expected to revisit steps 1-4 from the original "How to Escape Your Prison" workbook, along with completion of the "Character Development" workbook..

MRT Parenting - This cognitive-behavioral program focuses on family values and individual priorities, and is appropriate for all parents.

Portal - New Direction - A re-entry program to help inmates with barriers they may face once released. Barriers may include money management, employment, parenting, housing, supervision, etc.

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry - (https://goodnewsjail.org/) A non-profit organization that provides the Daviess County Detention Center with a chaplain, as well as, non-discriminatory religious programs and materials.

Bible Study - A program for those who desire a better understanding of the scriptures.

Jumu’ah Meetings - Friday prayer group for Muslims.

Religious Services - Religious services for English and Hispanic inmates.

Celebrate Recovery - (https://www.celebraterecovery.com/) - Recovery program for those dealing with hurt, pain or addictions.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) - (https://www.na.org/) - Recovery program to help those dealing with addiction.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) - (https://www.aa.org/) - Recovery program to help those dealing with alcoholism.

SparKY Dog Program - Saving Paws Animal Rescue of KY allows the Daviess County Detention Center inmates to foster several dogs awaiting adoption. In the program, inmates develop compassion and learn responsibility.



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